• Investing in the
    Macau-Hengqin Tourism Hub

  • Macau Gaming Fund III

    Launched in October 2021, Macau Gaming Fund III is an investment vehicle for qualified investors and a continuation of the strategy deployed in Macau Gaming Funds I & II. With a bullish, long-term view the fund aims to generate attractive returns by investing in a basket of Hong Kong- and US-listed stocks and US-traded long-term call options on Macau’s ‘big six’ casino operators.


    With on-the-ground insight into the Macau-Hengqin tourism zone, and by launching during a period of exceptionally low Macau stock prices, the fund aims to build on the strong historical performance of its preceding funds.

  • About Ossolinski Holdings

    Ossolinski Holdings is an independent, emerging-markets investment firm that began investing in Macau gaming companies in 2009.


    For more information, or to obtain a prospectus on Macau Gaming Fund III, please email:


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